Regulations as to Admission.





I. The Exhibition will be opened on the 1st May, and closed on the 31st October, 8 73 -

II. The hours of opening and closing the Exhibition each day will be published on the first of each month.

III. The entrances are as follows :

1. Through the Wurstelprater in the western portal of the Industrial Hall.

2. Through the western portal at the end of the Machinery Hall, at the

extremity of the Ausstellungsstrasse.

3. Through the southern portal in the principal avenue of the Prater.

4. Through the Rondeau Gate.

5. From the Exhibition Station.

IV. Holders of season and weekly tickets enter the Exhibition by the west and south entrances.

V. No change will be given at the entrances. For the convenience of the public an exchange office is established at each entrance.

VI. Season tickets are not transferable. The holder must sign his ticket and also a register, if required to do so by the proper officer. No compensation will be given for lost season tickets.

VII. Season ticket holders subject themselves by their signatures to the obsei vance of all the provisions of these regulations.

VIII. The office for season tickets, 42, Praterstrasse, will be opened cn the 21st April.

IX. A ticket is forfeited if used by anyone but the rightful owner, and such an offence is punishable by the Austrian law.

X. A weekly ticket costs five florins, available for seven consecutive days, seven coupons being attached to it. The holder of such a ticket may use one coupon a day,, or may exhaust his seven coupons by allowing other persons to use them, provided always that one coupon is equivalent to one visit.

XI. Weekly tickets will be issued on and after the 2nd May. They cannot be used* however, until the 4th May.