Catalogue of the British Section.



ADAMSON, D., Sc COMPANY, Newton Moor Iron Works , Hyde , near Manchester.Two Steam Boilers of 40 horse-power each, one with steel shell plates, solid welded flue-rings and circulating pipes.

APPLEBY, BROTHERS, Emerson Street , Southwark , London .Portable Steam Crane for lifting 3 tons, one for lifting 5 tons, and one for lifting 7 tons. Each of these Cranes can perform the following operations by steam :1, Lifting loads at different speeds, in proportion to weight; 2, Turning com­pletely round in either direction without stopping or reversing the engines, so that the load may be lifted or lowered at the same time as it is being turnedthe larger Cranes have two speeds of turning; 3, Raising and lowering the jib head, thus altering the radius of the crane ; 4, Travelling by steam along a line of railway of any gauge.

AVELING & PORTER, Rochester, and 72, Camion Street, London .Tliree-ton Steam Crane for roads ; one Steam Traction Engine and three Waggons ; one Steam Road Roller of 7^ tons.

BARNARD, BISHOP & BARNARDS, Norfolk Iron Works , Norwich. Two bays of Wrought Iron Palisade, designed by Alfred Barnard; Wash-stand of Wrought Iron, in the style of the Fourteenth Century; Candle Holder; Flower Stand of Wrought Iron; Wrought Iron Dressing Table, with Looking-Glass (the Ornamental parts of this are of Iron bent cold); Studies from Nature in Wrought Iron, a Bracket of Wrought Iron, all designed by T. Jeckyll, Esq., F.R.I.B.A. ; Reading Stand of Wrought Iron, designed by Alfred Barnard ; 22-inch Improved Geared Lawn Mower, fitted lor a Donkey; and 30-inch Improved Geared Lawn Mower, fitted for a Pony.

BLACKWOOD & SONS, Edinburgh.Educational and other Books. ( See also page 138.)

BRADFORD, T., Sc COMPANY, 63, Fleet Street , London. Model of Laundry House, such as would be suitable for a Family Mansion, and fitted up with Bradfords Patent Apparatus for Washing, Boiling,. Rinsing, Blueing, Wringing and Drying the clothes, the system adopted in conjunction with these appliances ensuring the absolute cleanliness and good colour of the fabric, with great economy of labour and materials employed in the washing process; and as proved by the reports of several large Public Establishments in London, effecting a saving of 50 per cent, in the wear and tear of the fabric. As will be seen upon inspection, one small fire supplies all the Hot Water, Diies the Clothes, and also heats the Smoothing and Polishing Irons for finishing the Linen. Many other similar Laundries have been built upon the same model in various parts of England, including one upon a large scale adjoining the Crystal Palace, London, which employs some 70 women and girls.

BROTHERHOOD & HARDING HAM, 53 and 56, Compton Street , Goswell Road , London. Patent Paragon Steam Pump, erected for supplying Messrs. Cater & Walkers Steam Boiler of 50 horse-power. This Pump, capable of delivering 12CO gallons per hour, consists of a steam cylinder 5L inches diameter, placed on the top of a hollow column which contains the pump. The chief peculiarity of the Steam Engine is, that the working parts are enclosed and protected from injury, the crank working in a bonnet on the upper cover of the cylinder, and the connecting rod being coupled direct to the piston. The pressure keeping the crank disc against the inner face of the- bearing prevents the escape of steam, thus dispensing with the use of stuffing boxes and reducing friction. The Pump is of the Bucket and Plunger Class, with all the working parts of best gun-metal, the plunger being worked by a steel rod attached to the piston and passing through the lower cylinder cover. On the up stroke of the plunger the full contents of the pump barrel is drawn in and half of it delivered, the remaining half being delivered on the down stroke of the ram, the pump is thus double acting and produces a constant stream. Paragon 3-Cylinder Engine (Brotherhoods Patent), of 35 Horse-power, supplied for driving a section of shafting; the special advantages of this Engine are, that it will start in any position, there being no dead centre, and that a perfectly uniform motion of the crank shaft is obtained, without the use of a fly-wheel; no wire-drawing of steam takes place before acting on the pistons, and the connecting rods being always in tension there is no blow or back-lash on the crank pin at either end of the stroke, no mattter how loose the fit may be, or at what speed the engine may be running; perfect self-adjustment for wear is maintained in the crank shaft and rotary slide valve, the pressure always insuring a steam-tight joint. All stuffing boxes are dispensed with, the working parts are entirely enclosed and protected from injury, and the lubrication is carried by the steam to every part; very high speeds may be attained and great power thereby developed in proportion to the small size of the Engine; that exhibited, has three cylinders, 9 inches diameter and 8 inches, stroke, and running at 225 revolutions per minute with a mean steam pressure of 40 lbs. per square inch,, develops a power of 35 horse-power.