Catalogue or the British Section.



Mining, Quarrying, and Metallurgy.

Preliminary Arrangement. Sections for the Juries.

Mineral fuels (coals, shales, and mineral oils). 1st Section. Mining.

Mineral ores and metals. 2nd Section. Iron Works.

Other minerals (as salt, sulphur, graphite, &c.); not 3rd Section. Other kinds of Metallurgy, including building materials ; vide group 18.

Natural alloys.

Drawings and models of objects relating to mining, metallurgy, and mineral industry, mining engineer­ing, surveying, and map making.

Geological works, and geological maps, &c.

Tools and inventions for mining and metallurgy for underground and surface work*

Statistics of production.


Agriculture, Horticulture, and Forestry.

Preliminary Arrangsmsnt .

Plants for food and physic (excluding fresh fruits and vegetables, which are to be the subjects of tempo­rary exhibitions).

Tobacco and other narcotic plants.

Vegetable fibre (as cotton, flax, hemp, jute, china grass, &c.); and other plants of commerce in their raw state.

Cocoons of silk worms.

Animal products in a raw state (skins, hides, feathers, bristles, &c.).


Products of forestry (timber, wood or cabinet vrork, tanning substances, resin in a raw state, dyeing woods, barks, charcoal tinder).

Peat and its products.


Drawings and models of objects used in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry ; farm maps.

Works of the experimental stations, woodland and forest doom books, statics of forests, &c.

Processes and inventions for producing, transporting, and storing the above-mentioned products.

Plans of gardens, drawings, and models of horticul­tural implements, hot-houses, conservatories, irri­gation, &c.

New methods of horticultural cultivation.

Statistics of production.

Vide Temporal y Exhibitions, No. 4).

Sections for the Juries.

1st Section. Agriculture.

2nd Section. Animal Products.

3rd Section. Forestiy.

4th Section. Cultivation of the Vine, Fruit, V tables, and Horticulture.