Catalogue of the British Section.


I.Examination of the Objects Exhibited.

The objects exhibited in Groups I.XXV., with the exception of those exhibited in Group XXIV. (Expositon des amateurs), will be examined by an International Jury.

II. Additional and Temporary Exhibitions.

Special Juries, chosen from the members of the International Jury, will be formed for the following additional exhibitions :

1. History of Inventions.

2. History of Industry.

3. Statistics of Prices.

4. Exhibition ot the Use of Waste Materials and their products.

5. Representation of the Commerce and Trade of the World.

6. The Infants Pavilion.

7. Female Work.

For the two last-named Exhibitions Ladies also may be invited to act on the Jury as Experts.

There will be no Jury appointed for the Cremona instruments exhibited.

Special Juries will be formed of members of the International Jury, in accordance with the several Programmes for the Temporary Exhibitions of Live-stock, Dairy Produce, Horticulture, Cultivation of the Vine and of Fruit.

III. Appointment of Jurors of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

The Jurors of the kingdoms and countries represented in the Austrian Reichsrath will be elected, one half by the Exhibitors of each of the different Groups, and the other half will be officially appointed. Should the number of Jurors to be elected for one Group be uneven, half of the total number, less one, will be elected.

The voting papers must be sent sealed to the General Manager, who will submit them to the Executive Committee of the j 6th Section of the Imperial Exhibition Commission, who will act for the time as Election Committee.

The persons elected will be confirmed by His Imperial Highness the Archduke-President of the Imperial Exhibition Commission.

The selection of the officially appointed members of the Jury will be made by His Imperial Highness the Archduke-President of the Imperial Exhibition Commission.

The mode of appointing the Hungarian members of the Jury will be decided by the Royal Hungarian Government, and respectively by the Hungarian Exhibition Commission. The names of the Jurors must be sent to the General Manager by the 15th April next.

IV. Nomination of Jurors of Foreign Countries.

The Foreign Commissions for the Exhibition are invited to appoint in a manner they may deem most appropriate the number of Jurors allowed to their respective Countries, and to send in the list of names to the Gencial Manager not later than the 15th April next.

V.Number of Jurors.

The number of Jurors for Austria and Hungary, as well as for the different Foreign Countries, will be in proportion to the number of Exhibitors of each State, as shown in the following table :

There wall be chosen in each group :

One Juror for 10 to 100 Exhibitors.

Two Jurors ,, 101 to 200 ,,

Three ,, ,,201 to 300 ,,

Four ,, ,, 301 to 400 ,,

&c. &c.

Every Foreign Country represented in the Exhibition is invited to nominate Deputy Jurors to take the place of any absent Jurors. Should a Juror as well as his substitute be prevented from continuing their

attendance at the meetings of the Jury, His Imperial Highness the President of the Imperial Commission

will, if necessary, fill up the vacancy.

The list of names of all the members of the International Jury will be published by the end of April, 1873.