Group I.Mining, Quarrying, and Metallurgy.


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Mining, Quarrying, and Metallurgy.

Mineral Fuels (Coals, Shales, and Mineral Oils). Mineral Ores and Metals. Other Minerals (as Salt, Sulphur, Graphite, &c.); not including Building Materials; vide Group i3. Natural Alloys. Drawings and Models of Objects Relating to Mining, Metallurgy, and Mineral Industry, Mining Engineering, Surveying and Map Making. Geological Works, and Geological Maps, &c. Tools and Inventions for Mining and Metallurgy for Underground and Surface Work. Statistics of Production.

Note. The figures inserted after the Catalogue entries represent the British Rotation Numbers of the Exhibitors. The Austrian Official Numbers will be added in a later edition.

INSOLE, G., & SON, Cardiff, \ JVa/es.CoalsMerthyr Smokeless Steam Coal, Abergorki Locomotive Steam Coal, Low Main Smelting and Coking Coal; Foundry and Smelting Coke; Fossils and Fractures from the Steam Coal Seam. (i)

CWMAMAN COAL COMPANY (per Palmer, Hall, and Company), New­castle-on- Tytie ; and Cardiff\ JVa/es. Sec­tion of Upper Four Foot Seam Coal from Aberdare Colliery. (2)

BROAD, W., Austro - Plungarian Vice-Consul, I Voodlane Terrace , Falmouth . Mineralogical Specimens from Cornwall ; Plans and Drawings, and Works on the Mineralogy of Cornwall and Devonshire, and on Mining and Quarrying. (3)

SIEMENS, C. William, C.E., F.R.S., D.C.L., 3, Great George Street, JVestminsler . Models of Furnaces and Apparatus for the direct production of Iron and Steel from the Ore, by the Siemens Process; with speci­mens of Iron and Steel made by this process, and the Materials employed in their pro­duction. (4)

WHIT WELL, Thomas, Stockton- on-Tees.Drawings and Models of Patent Hot Blast Fire Brick Stoves; Blast Furnace; Apparatus for Utilization of Blast Furnace Gases; Whitwells Regenerators for Smelt­

ing Copper, Lead, and Zinc, and for other Metallurgical operations producing fumes; Bessemer, Charcoal, and other Pig Iron produced by furnaces with Whitwells Fire Brick Stoves. (5)

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EATON, J. R., 24, Old Square, Lin­colns Lin, London.Model of a Coal Mine.

( 3 21 )

McCRAW, E. C., & COMPANY, Royal Salt Works, JVinsford, Cheshire.Salt in various forms. (18)

CORBETT, John, Stoke Prior Salt Works, near Bromsgrovc, Worcestershire . Salt of various descriptions. ( I0 9)

NEWTON, KEATS & COMPANY, 28, King Street, Liverpool.Metallic Ores.

( 740 *)

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JOHNSON, MATTHEY & COM­PANY, Hatton Garden J Forks, London. Metals. (740*)

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( 7 ~ 0 *)

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